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Writing Effective Audit Observations

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 1:00PM - 2:30PM

2754 80th Avenue, New Hyde Park, NY 11040

  • May 2017

    17 Wed


  • May 2017

    17 Wed


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Writing Effective Audit Observations

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 1:00PM - 2:30PM

New York, NY

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Key Take Away

This webinar will
teach you the keys to an effective audit report including knowing your reader
and how to craft an audit report structure that will get their attention,
understanding the IIA Standards for report writing, developing the best audit
report structure for your situation and techniques to enhance the quality and
look of your report.


This webinar provides
the principles an effective audit report writing. The audit report represents
the end result of weeks of reviews, analyses, interviews and discussions. It is
used to provide information to management on the areas you reviewed. 

And, more importantly,
the report brings issues to their attention that needs to be addressed. How
well you communicate that information is critical to getting the results you
are seeking.

Why Should You Attend

An audit report
demonstrates the value of your work as it provides information on the areas you
reviewed and that needs to be addressed. Effectively communicating the results
can positively influence readers and get the results you are seeking. A well
written audit report enhancements add value to your clients by providing:

  • Concise and persuasive
  • Observations and
    conclusions that can be easily communicated to a broad audience
  • Conclusive data that
    will enable them to take necessary action

Areas Covered In This Webinar

  • Identifying the Audit
    Report Provisions in the IIA Standards
  • Audit Report Writing
  • Types of Audit Reports
  • Elements of an Audit
  • Five Cs of an Audit
  • Audit Report Quality
  • Audit Report
  • Wrap Up and Review

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