US Export Filing Requirements and the Proper Use of EAR 99

Tuesday, Mar 21, 2017 at 1:00PM - 2:00PM
New Hyde Park, NY

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Key Take Away :

This webinar will cover US Export Filing Requirements and the proper use of EAR 99for global trade compliance, failure of which can result in costly customs holds and or fines/penalties.

Overview :

Companies that export or want to export must file accurate information with the correct government agencies. They must know how to classify their exports following the Export Administration Regulations (EAR 99 compliance). There is no room for errors in International trade compliance. 

Make sure your business is filing correctly, fines and penalties are expensive and can lead to bad press and loss of business.

Why Should You Attend :

Exports are governed by the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). BIS falls under the US Department of Commerce. US export trade compliance is regulated by the type of export, the value of the export, and the destination of the export. These trade compliance solutions will help you determine the documents needed, and the filings needed to legally export.  

Your export may need a license or may have an exception or other legal requirement. Every export needs a specific set of documents. 

This webinar will cover how to determine what those requirements may be. You will learn how to determine if yourexport needs a license and which agency you will need to acquire the license from. Many exporters depend on forwarders to guide them through. Others apply an exception without reviewing or applying the correct criteria. Often using a standard exception such as EAR 99. You will learn how to make that determination, or where to find help to make a proper filing.  

We will look at the Export Administration Regulations and how to navigate them. The webinar will also discuss the latest terminology to keep import export compliance ready to address brokerage/forwarder filing requirements. Your export is your customers import.  

Learn what you need to know to gain export trade compliance advantages in various countries.

Areas Covered In This Webinar :

US Export requirements
Learn the latest terminology and acronyms
How does this affect global trade facilitation?
Determine if time and cost savings are available
Learn how to navigate the Export Administration Regulations
Determine if you are compliant with import and export requirements
Learn what documents are required for exporting

Learning Objectives :

Understanding export administration requirements
Understand documentation requirements (commercial invoice, SED, SLI, packing slip, etc.)
Determine correct use of EAR 99
Identify other governmental agency requirements
Learn what reports are available
Create an export management control program
Learn how your forwarder or broker can help

Who Will Benefit :

Companies engaged in Global Trade
Finance Professionals
Global Tax Professionals
Trade Compliance Professionals
Logistics Managers
Company Compliance Officers
Import/ Export Professionals

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Speakers Profile :

Grant Smith
Grant Smith an International trade consultant is the owner of Grant Smith Consulting, LLC. Mr. Smith is a trade compliance professional with 30 years of experience in global logistics and trade compliance. 

A licensed customs broker and certified customs specialist, Mr Smith is also IATA and DOT Certified. He has been working for global corporations, implementing trade programs and providing training in multiple regions internationally.

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AtoZ Compliance; is an online compliance webinar training organization based in New Hyde Park, New York. We provide diverse range of quality webinar training programs to all the major segments of industries.

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Starts March 21, 2017 at 1:00PM - 2:00PM

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