Powers of Attorney: Medical Records Release Concerns

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at 11:20AM - 2:30PM
Fremont, CA

Event Details

This live webinar will educate you on how to identify a valid power of attorney to determine whether information should be disclosed. Additional discussions will be held on other issues surrounding access to patient health information such as health care proxies and subpoenas. You need to understand the nuances of patient information requests and the authority you can rely on when turning over patient health information.

Objectives Of The Presentation
  • About Powers of Attorney by a respected health care attorney
  • Practical knowledge on this formal legal arrangement
  • How long Powers of Attorney's are in effect
  • Differentiate issues pertaining to Living Wills and Powers of Attorney
  • The Benefits of Powers of Attorney and Challenges
  • HIPAA regulations and authority to release records to Powers of Attorney
  • Releases of Information for Legal Proceedings
  • Special Considerations for Power of Attorney Disclosures
Why Should you Attend
Gain an in-depth understanding on valid powers of attorney, health care proxies and subpoenas to keep your organization safe and compliant.

Busy medical practices understand that each day personal health information is transmitted in various forms between hospitals, doctors, attorneys, insurance companies, patients and their lawyers and families. With increasing reliance on electronic medical records, health information can be transmitted with minimal effort. Health information requests become challenging when dealing with a deceased or incapacitated patient.
  • Under what authority do you have to release patient information pertaining to a deceased individual?
  • Do family members have the right to authorize the release of records to third-parties?
  • Do you have to verify the authority of someone claiming to be a patient's DPOA?
To answer these questions and more, health care organizations must understand the connections between federal and state laws in order to properly evaluate situations involving attorneys-in-fact to ensure protected health information is disclosed appropriately.

This webinar provides understanding on valid powers of attorney/health care proxies, and how they relate to privacy regulations so your organization can remain compliant and avoid costly litigation or breach penalties for an improper disclosure.

Areas Covered
  • Power of Attorney Defined
    • Types of Attorneys in Fact
    • Durable vs. Non-Durable
    • General
    • Healthcare
  • Authority Vested in a Power of Attorney: A 50-State Survey
    • Treatment
    • Payment
    • Disposition of Body and Organs
  • Validity of Powers of Attorney; Common Challenges
    • Form and Content
    • Triggering Events
    • Conflicting Evidence
  • Examination of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Authority to Release Records to Attorneys in Fact
    • Key Terms
    • Personal Representative, Authorization, Legal Proceeding Provisions
    • Office for Civil Rights' Opinions, References, and Interpretations
  • Elements of Valid HIPAA Authorizations
    • Form and Content
    • Verifying Authority
    • Frequently Missed Elements
  • Releases of Information for Legal Proceedings
    • Subpoena, With and Without Court Order
    • Discovery
    • Waiver of Privilege
  • Special Considerations for Power of Attorney Disclosures
    • Related HIPAA Provisions
    • Psychiatric Records
    • AIDS/HIV
    • Abuse and Neglect
Who will Benefit
This webinar is designed for:
  • Medical records directors
  • Health information managers
  • Facility administrators
  • Business & Office managers
  • Nurses
  • Hospital administrators
  • Release of records professionals
  • Billing managers
  • Compliance officers
  • Coders & Attorneys.

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Starts May 31, 2017 at 11:20AM - 2:30PM

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