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Incentivizing True Growth - Targeting the Right Behavior

Tuesday, Jun 13, 2017 at 10:00AM - 10:00AM

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  • Jun 2017

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Incentivizing True Growth - Targeting the Right Behavior

Tuesday, Jun 13, 2017 at 10:00AM - 10:00AM

Fremont, CA

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Richard Mills delivers in-depth insights on incentivizing
individuals, teams and entire organizations with plans that reward
positive results and acknowledges mutual success.

Territorial concerns and isolationist actions can be avoided with the
proper balance of targets, metrics and milestones. When goals are set
for a single sector of the organization and they do not match the goals
of another sector, then offsets must be applied to compensate for the
actual control that each group has to achieve their respective goals.

How can balance be achieved if goals are in conflict? How can the
ultimate stakeholders are assured of success with complex goals and
incentive plans. How do you take unforeseen circumstances into
consideration and achieve both fairness for the employees and also for
the organization?
Many incentive plans reward individuals for doing activities that are
merely part of their normal job - learn how to discern the difference
between standard operating procedures and truly achieving outstanding

Overall alignment and shared goals are the key to successful incentive planning and implementation.

Why should you attend: All incentive plans are
flawed. Many drive the wrong behavior; some can be counterproductive to
the overall goals of the organization. How can you best structure
incentives to move the entire organization forward?

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Setting the right goals - revenue and operational
  • Alignment of goals with those who can affect outcome
  • Milestone verses quantitative goals
  • How to handle missed objectives
  • What to do when goals are significantly and successfully bypassed
  • Pulling the team together with incentives
  • Long term incentives
  • Balancing incentives throughout the whole organization
  • It's not always about Sales

Who Will Benefit:
  • Sales Managers and Directors
  • HR Professionals
  • Line Managers
  • Chief Human Resource Officers
  • HR Directors and Managers
  • Employment Managers
  • Training Directors
  • Executive Team Members
  • Business Owners

Richard Mills brings diverse
executive experience from manufacturing, sales & marketing,
operations, leading multiple global locations; utilizing his backgrounds
in government, venture capital, private equity, private and public

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Contact Details:

NetZealous LLC, DBA TrainHR          

Phone: +1-800-385-1627


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