Identifying and Implementing the Project Scheduling Toolbox

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at 1:00PM - 2:00PM
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Industry and Client demands have put a lot of pressure on project schedules. Software developers are constantly coming out with new and improved programs that will do everything but cook your breakfast. Just like a toolbox on the jobsite, there is no one tool that does it all. How do you decide which tools you are going to use for each project, or for your company?  

The selection of tools needs to do more than just produce project management training schedules. You need to be able to quantify and assess risks, create useful reports, and track the right metrics. Most importantly, your tools need to be selected so that everyone on your team can use these tools to effectively plan and execute their work.  

Software vendors promise that one tool can solve all of your problems. Just like you would never try to build your project with only one tool, you can’t expect to run your project schedule with only one tool. 

This webinar will help participants better select and implement schedule tools based on function and available budget.  

Specific areas of focus are on creating an effective high level summary schedule that allows projects to communicate an overall execution strategy without getting stuck in minute details.  

Also covered is how and when to use Critical Path Method (CPM) techniques and when to not use those techniques.  Too many projects try to use CPM project management for all levels of the schedule and this only leads to frustration and lost confidence.

Risk is not a static event so your project needs an effective risk evaluation process that is tied to your schedule, because your schedule is always your biggest risk. Every day you are late can cost you your own damages and everyone else’s.

Why Should You Attend:

Projects that finish late are rarely profitable. Software vendors sell dreams and deliver complicated solutions that require you to hire more specialized staff. You begin to question whether these people who no operational experience are really your answer.

The simple reality is that project scheduling can be much easier and more productive if you have the right tools and the right team members. Even better is that you probably already have them and don’t have to invest any more money. These are decisions made during project set up by the Project Manager, but does your Project Manager understand these issues? You need someone who is not just a Project Manager. You need a Project Leader. Much of this transformation comes from the use of our attitude.  

Our attitudes are the most important tool in our toolbox.  It costs us nothing to purchase, if we use it well it can gain us everything, and if we use it poorly it can cost us everything.  How we use it is up to us. Participants will learn how to get the most from their project team by focusing on key attitude changes.   

These soft skills translate to hard dollars lost. Projects are not profitable when the schedule does not reflect the project execution plan. Projects are not profitable when the schedule software costs as much as heavy equipment on your job site. Learn how to do more with tools you may already have.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

Learning the right tools and ways to measure schedule health will help you identify problems before they cause too much damage. Most projects suffer huge financial losses because they don’t have enough warning of pending problems. A schedule that functions well can provide that early warning system that allows project teams to make deliberate decisions rather than rash decisions.  

If your schedule reports are volumes thick and still tell you nothing of value then you need this course to learn how to properly convert all of that data into actionable information for the project team.  

This webinar is designed to help projects run the schedule so that the schedule can more effectively run the project.

Learning Objectives:

How to select a full toolbox staying within budget
How to set up tools that that those accountable plan the work
How to lower your project risk by using your tools right in team management training
How to effectively report project status to various levels of project manager training
How to properly check for schedule health
How to ensure your projects finish on time, every time

Who Will Benefit:

Project Managers
Assistant Project Managers
Project Directors
Program Managers
Project Executives
Project Schedulers

Speaker Profile:

Heath Suddleson has more than 25 years managing projects in the design and construction industry where he has led teams in managing billions of dollars worth of projects. In these roles, Heath has served as the Contractor, the Architect/Engineer, and even represented the Owner. 

He learned some of his most profound lessons by serving in volunteer leadership roles in organizations such as the American Legion, the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering, and Toastmasters International. In his work with Toastmasters International, Heath served roles from local clubs through many levels in the organization, even having served from 2009-2011 on the Toastmasters International Board of Directors. Most recently, Heath worked in a corporate role for one of the world’s largest Engineering and Construction Companies developing and conducting training programs to help the next generation of Project Managers become more successful in their roles. 

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Organization Details

Offering a different perspective, that leads to something exceptional.

Compliance Global Inc; is a training organization based in New Hyde Park, New York, providing world-class regulatory and quality control compliance trainings by leveraging a pool of experienced speakers / consultants in the Pharmaceutical, Bio-Technology, Medical Devices, Clinical Compliance, FDA Compliance, Healthcare & HR streams for customers in the North American geographical area. These trainings are contemporary, simple and cost-effective with easy access and great delivery experience.
Compliance Global is a multifaceted entity, an absolute knowledge repository. The work ethics of Compliance Global is to focus on individuals’ productivity first and this to become a by-product of the teams’ productivity. At Compliance Global, we believe that experience doesn’t have to mean old ideas – we believe in bringing fresh ideas, fresh perspectives to instill confidence in you.
Through our online trainings, we provide a world of certainty, surety and consistently deliver confidence to all the attendees. 
Working as one, we are on a path breaking drive to redefine the Webinar training space through delivery innovations, reliability and service efficiency.

Through our online trainings, we provide a world of certainty, surety and consistently deliver confidence to all the attendees. 

Working as one, we are on a path breaking drive to redefine the Webinar training space through delivery innovations, reliability and service efficiency.

With unmatched quality and unequalled service we provide superior trainings for individuals who are in the business of winning. 

We help winners look for solutions that unlock the potential of knowledge to match business needs.

We not just understand your needs better but help deliver what winning individuals need - timely, relevant and accurate information.

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Starts May 10, 2017 at 1:00PM - 2:00PM

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